Privacy Policy

Tech International Pty Ltd having a principal place of business at Unit 3, 5 Stanley Avenue, Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123, Australia (hereinafter, referred to as the "Company") collects from the individual user (hereinafter, referred to as "you" or "your") certain personal data through the website (hereinafter, referred to as "the Website"). This Privacy Policy contains Company's policies and procedures governing the processing of personal data through the Website.

1. Personal data collected by the Company

1.1 We collect information relating to you that you have provided to us (for example, on an application or registration form, when you enter a competition or promotion sponsored by us or through the way you use our products and services) or that we may have obtained from another source (such as our suppliers or from marketing organizations and credit agencies). Where possible, we will collect the information directly from you. This information may include, your name, address, telephone numbers, bank account information, information on how you use our products and services (such as the type, date, time, location, comments and messages, how much you spend, and information on your browsing activity (including the internet sites and pages visited by you, your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the dates and times you log on and off our internet services)), the location of your mobile phone from time to time, lifestyle information and any other information collected in relation to your use of our products and services.

1.2 If you intend to post projects on the Website, our payment service providers will collect from you your credit card details. Our payment service provider is Stripe (

1.3 If you intend to receive remuneration for your work in relation to a project, you can provide our payment service providers with your credit card information. The payment service providers will use this information to send you your money.

1.4 If you intend to just use our media production services, we or our payment service providers will collect your credit card information.

1.5 We DO NOT store the credit card information which you provide to our payment service providers in our databases. When you use our payment service providers, they will handle all the steps in the secure transaction process, including data submission and payment data collection, directly on their websites. You should provide your personal data to the payment service providers only (1) after reviewing their privacy policies and (2) understanding what kind of personal data the payment service providers will collect from you.

2. The purpose of collection of personal data

2.1 The personal data collected through the Website is used only for:

  • Providing you with advertisements of products and services which may be of interest to you;

  • Delivering our newsletter;

  • Sending you notifications about updates of the Website;

  • Sending you information about promotions and/or events that may be of interest to you;

  • Audit and security purposes;

  • Our group companies who may use and disclose your information for the same purposes as us;

  • Those who provide to us or our group companies products or services that support the services that we provide, such as our freelancers, suppliers & customers

  • Credit reference agencies (unless we have agreed otherwise), who may share your information with other organizations and who may keep a record of the searches we make against your name;

  • Anyone we transfer our business to in respect of which you are a customer or a potential customer;

  • Anyone who assists us in protecting the operation of the Website networks and systems, including the use of monitoring and detection in order to identify potential threats, such as hacking and virus dissemination and other security vulnerabilities;

  • Anyone who hosts or maintains data centers, service platforms and other infrastructure and systems on behalf of us and our group companies, where your information is processed;

  • Persons to whom we may be required to pass your information by reason of legal, governmental or regulatory authority including law enforcement agencies and emergency services;

  • Aggregated user statistics and other information that does not personally identify you, to third parties such as our advertisers, customers, potential customers and partners;

2.2 We only collect your personal data to the extent necessary for one or more of the aforementioned purposes. In case you do not provide the requested personal data to the Company, the Company may not be able to provide you with access to and use of the Website or the services provided through the Website.

3. Non-personal data collected by us

3.1 The Company may collect non-personal data, such as browser types, operating systems, and the URL addresses of websites clicked to and from the Website. The Company collects the non-personal data mentioned in this Section 3.1 in order to analyze what kind of users visit the Website, how they find it, how long they stay, from which other websites they come to the Website, what pages they look at, to which other websites they go from the Website.

4. Protection of personal data

4.1 We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

5. Third party access to personal data

5.1 We may disclose personal data to related third party suppliers and service providers located outside of Australia for one or more of the purposes mentioned in Section 2. The Company puts reasonable efforts to ensure that any recipients of your personal information do not violate the privacy obligations applying to your personal data.

5.2 All financial transactions conducted through the Website are handled through our payment service provider ( Any personal data provided by you to our payment provider will processed by the payment provider in accordance with its own privacy policies.

5.3 With the exception of the cases in Sections 5.1 and 5.2, the Company does not give your personal data to third parties, unless the Company is legally bound to do so.

6. Accessing and updating your personal information

6.1 You have the right to access personal information about you if we hold that personal information in a way that it can be readily retrieved, subject to some exceptions provided at law.

6.2 You may request access to the personal information we hold about you by sending an email to [email protected] Please quote your name and email address. We would be grateful if you could also provide brief details of what information you want a copy (this helps us to more readily locate your data).

6.3 In some cases, there may be a charge associated with providing copies of your personal information to you. If so, we will advise you of this prior to sending your information to you.

6.4 We will not be able to provide you personal information if we do not know or don’t have reasonable grounds to believe it is personal information about you or if disclosing the information would involve the unwarranted disclosure of the affairs of another individual.

6.5 You can request correction or amendment of the information held by us at any time and as often as necessary by sending us an e-mail to contacting us and specifying the information that you require changed. If it is reasonable in the circumstances for us to do so, we will make the requested change or correction, otherwise we’ll take reasonable steps to mark that information as having been subject to a change or correction request.

7. Cookies

7.1 The Website uses cookies.

7.2 A cookie is a small computer file. It typically consists of letters and numbers. When you visit a website, the website may send a cookie to your browser. Subsequently, the browser may store the cookie on your computer system. The main purpose of cookies is to allow a website to recognize user's device.

7.3 There are two types of cookies, namely, persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain valid until their expiration date, unless deleted by the user before that date. Session cookies will be stored on a web browser and will remain valid until the moment when the browser is closed.

7.4 Cookies do not typically contain personal data. However, personal data stored by us may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

7.5 Web servers can use cookies to: (1) identify and track users while they navigate through different pages on a website; and (2) identify users returning to a website.

7.6 We use both session and persistent cookies.

7.7 We use session cookies in order to verify your details while you are navigating from page to page on the Website. The session cookies enable you to avoid re-entering your details each time you enter a new page on the Website.

7.8 We use persistent cookies in order to recognize you as a unique user when you return to the Website. As a result, you do not have to enter your login details multiple times as you move from other websites to the Website.

7.9 It is possible to set your browser to refuse cookies. Please note that this may limit the services provided by us through the Website. If you would like to set your browser to refuse cookies, check your browser's help information or visit the following links for further information:

  • Internet Explorer

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Opera

8. Google Analytics

8.1 We use Google Analytics to analyze your use of the Website.

8.2 Google Analytics generates statistical and other information about the Website by means of cookies.

8.3 The information generated by Google Analytics in relation to the website is used to create reports about the use of the Website.

8.4 For information on the privacy aspects of Google Analytics, please visit /analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en.

9. Accessing and correcting your personal data

9.1 If you would like to access, modify, or delete your personal data that is processed through the Website, please send an email to the following email address: [email protected] . The Company will answer your request within two weeks.

10. Retention Period

10.1 Your personal data will be kept for as long as is necessary to provide you with the requested service. For instance, if your personal data is collected to deliver the newsletter, your personal data will be kept until you unsubscribe from the newsletter service.

11. Your consent

11.1 By using the Website, you are consenting to our processing of your personal data as set forth in this Privacy Policy. The term "processing" includes collecting, storing, deleting, using, and disclosing personal data.

12. Links

12.1 The Website may contain links to other websites. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites.

13. Contact details

13.1 If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact the Company by email at [email protected], or please write to the following address:

Unit 3, 5 Stanley Avenue, Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123, Australia

14. Last amendment

14.1 This Privacy Policy has been last amended on 8th of November 2018.