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Video Coverage

From concept to final video, we offer an all-in-one video coverage service.
Work with a team of professionals to capture your event, broadcast it live and edit it for various purposes.

Live Streaming

Improve your brand visibility, engage with a global market and enhance user experience by broadcasting your event live and connecting with your audience in real time.

Thank you so much for your outstanding work! You delivered products of the very highest quality, and also managed to perform with grace under very tight deadlines. Great job!"

Aki Kakko, #GlobalHRU

Live Streaming
Video Production

Video Production

Our videographers are ready to shoot your event top to bottom using the latest video equipment to ensure seamless footage. Use event videos for branding, marketing and boosting your business portfolio.

I appreciated how communicative and approachable you were from the start and I continued to feel supported throughout the whole project.

Natalie Wood, Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator

Video Editing

Finalize your video with the help of our video editing software and endless supply of creativity. Take your video to all new heights and turn raw footage into a video masterpiece.

Creative, Innovative and Talented! And they are lovely to work with!gets all of our best work in one place.

Kaja Pelka, Polcode

Video Editing

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