Defining Your Video Goals & Video Goal Tracking

Q: What issues should be considered before starting a business campaign?

A: First, it is important to define the goals for your business. They should be clearly formulated, designated, measurable and achievable. In addition, it is necessary to find marketing solutions for achieving these goals. The development of a plan is also an important stage of preparation before starting the business. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of planning, which subsequently causes a number of inconveniences and can lead to failure. The most important part of planning is to identify the target segment and gain an understanding of your clients and their needs. You must clearly grasp the basic information about your potential buyer; who they are, how old are they, where they work, and so on.

Q: Is it important to have realistic goals for a small business?

A: Sure. But it should be kept in mind that realistic goals depend proportionally on the size of the business. For example, large companies that have built their brand need to focus on sales. In turn, small business owners should be engaged in the construction of the brand, and then focus on the sale. Social networks and video platforms offer excellent methods of building a brand for a small business.

Q: How do I use business goal setting to build a marketing strategy?

A: Proper goal setting helps determine the appropriate positioning, find competitors, and develop customers. This will help to build more transparent marketing channels that will be reflected in the number of sales and the growth of the business as a whole.

Q: How can I monitor the traffic if the video was uploaded via social media or YouTube?

A: Such social networks like Facebook have a system of analysis (Facebook Video Metrics), which allows you to monitor the number of views and clicks of your video. However, keep in mind that it is best to upload videos directly to Facebook without using third parties, in order to simplify the calculation.

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Q: But what about a method like Google Analytics?

A: Sure. It is a pretty powerful and functional service, but some experience is required to work with it.

Q: What goals should be set when creating a video? Also, how do I identify the needs of the customer so that they are satisfied with the result?

A: Each customer has their own subjective wishes, so it is difficult to identify any particular goal that may correspond to an individual. However, the main goal of the video being created is to focus on the customers’ requirements as a whole. Also, feedback from customers should always be considered when creating the objectives of your marketing video.

Q: Today, there are many marketing strategies, each of which is worthy of attention. But how do we choose the right one?

A: It all depends on the type of business and the target audience. It is extremely important to focus on authenticity and transparency. Modern features, such as smart phones and social networks allow you to do this very easily.

Q: There are times when a business idea is boring, and it is extremely difficult to show it on video. What can be done in such cases?

A: It is necessary to know what is interesting to your customers. Any product or service can be provided in a new form. For example, you can invite a third person who will tell your customers about your product. Given the rapid development of technology, it is challenging to keep up with trends and keep the interest of the buyer. Therefore, time should definitely be spent looking at creative ways to get their attention.

Q: Video is a great way to attract the attention of the consumer. What are some tricks and tips on how to do it most effectively?

A: It is essential to know the client’s needs, and video content should be guided by that. The importance of knowledge of the target audience should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to potential sales.

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