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Why Your Videos Should Have Geotags

As we see today, the majority of video entrepreneurs already know about the function of adding geolocation in photos and videos. Yet, some people never use the opportunity to mark themselves in an interesting...
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Everything You Need to Know About Video SEO

Cisco calculated that video will take up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. In light of that trend, businesses must know the ins and outs of Video SEO to see growth and success in this...
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How Video and Audio Quality Translates into More Conversions for You

You have heard it before: video and audio quality can make or break your video content. But what is the reasoning behind this conclusion? In this day and age, every business, no matter how tight their...
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7 Tips for Growth Hacking Your Way to the Top of Your Industry

Marketing is one of the most fascinating aspects of business and it is a complicated term to understand, too. Companies invest billions to design and implement the best possible marketing plans to conquer the...
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9 Video Marketing Myths That Must Be Dispelled

Video marketing goes more viral with each day and it is not for nothing. Put simply, it represents yet another popular strategy that marketers apply after creating high-quality written content. Moreover, this method of...
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5 Easy Ways to Attract an Instagram Audience With No Budget

We all have different tasks, budgets, and products. One company can hire Instagram promotion companies and is ready to spend the big budget for Instagram promotion, while another solves its tasks for with a...
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Is Wistia the Next Best Thing For Online Video Lead Generation?

Internet marketers use a variety of complex methods to generate more leads. And it’s not a secret for anyone that video content is one of the best ways to do that! In this article,...
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How GoPro and Tesla Destroy Digital Marketing

After analyzing the Red Bull marketing strategy, we have come to question the success of other brands. There are at least two another outstanding companies in the world that manage to continually attract attention...
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How to Build a Successful Brand Using Video: Five Key Rules

Visual stories largely determine the success of your brand, so the ability to create the right video is critical to all communications. Why do some brands manage to use video better than others? In...
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11 Ways To Use Virtual Reality Videos in Ad Campaigns

While virtual reality is certainly a trending topic, many people view this phenomenon primarily in terms of virtual reality games. In the last few years, however, virtual reality videos have jumped into the realm...