digital marketing

How GoPro and Tesla Destroy Digital Marketing

After analyzing the Red Bull marketing strategy, we have come to question the success of other brands. There are at least two another outstanding companies in the world that manage to continually attract attention...
brand video

How to Build a Successful Brand Using Video: Five Key Rules

Visual stories largely determine the success of your brand, so the ability to create the right video is critical to all communications. Why do some brands manage to use video better than others? In...
virtual reality videos

11 Ways To Use Virtual Reality Videos in Ad Campaigns

While virtual reality is certainly a trending topic, many people view this phenomenon primarily in terms of virtual reality games. In the last few years, however, virtual reality videos have jumped into the realm...
video optimization

Reach the Top 3 on YouTube Search Results With 7 Simple Steps

Do you want to make your content easy to find in the first days following publication? Maybe you're thinking that getting to the first page of search results is close to impossible. In fact,...
instagram stories ads

Instagram Stories Ads: A Game-Changer for Advertising

Remember when Instagram launched Instagram Stories, the Snapchat-like feature everybody's been talking about? Well, now the platform is venturing into the next natural stage for digital platforms: advertising with Instagram Stories ads. To be fair, advertising...
YouTube strategy

Stop! These 3 Mistakes Are Killing Your YouTube Strategy!

You carefully designed your YouTube video promotion strategy but did not get the desired results. What gives? Most likely, your YouTube strategy has fallen victim to mistakes that are known by only the coolest...
video marketing campaign

11 Video Marketing Campaigns That Led to Insane Success

Many extraordinary video marketing campaigns have penetrated the internet during the past several years. Undoubtedly, video is a highly effective marketing tool for any business. With the right strategy, top video marketing campaigns can launch a business...

The Time is Ripe for Blockchain Marketing

By now you've probably heard of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies that operate using blockchain technology. They offer a decentralized and self regulating cryptocurrency that comes with many benefits, including transparency and speed of transactions....
hire freelancers

16 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire Freelancers

Have you ever wanted to hire freelancers for your business? Many companies don't quite understand the value that hiring freelancers can bring to their business. Freelancing online is the labor market of the future. If your business...
online course

The Beginner’s Guide to Building an Online Course

Open source education has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) leading the way. Listed globally as the #2 University in the world (right after Harvard),...