social media marketing mistakes

9 Shocking Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s not easy to admit, but in addition to successful accounts on Instagram and Facebook, iridescent success Instastories and hundreds of popular posts, many online marketers have another side of experience. These are social...
skype business meeting

7 Steps to Hosting a Successful Skype Business Meeting

A Skype business meeting make every company get-together a breeze. No longer do you have to coordinate locations and potentially leave out employees who can't make it. Your company meetings can be as flexible as you...
effective video marketing strategy

How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Building an effective video marketing strategy is a crucial step for brand promotion. Without a pre-built, step-by-step plan, your results will not coincide with your expectations. In fact, it will be difficult to track or measure the...
video ideas for halloween

13 Spooky Event Video Ideas for Halloween 2017

Need event video ideas for Halloween? The upcoming holiday is the perfect opportunity for creative digital marketing and building your audience loyalty. The impact of event videos on your Halloween marketing campaign is anything...
video marketing mistakes

10 Video Marketing Mistakes That Slash Your Profits

You just spent $200, $2,000, or maybe $20,000 on video marketing but it did not do anything for your sales or brand awareness. No positive result at all. Why did this happen? Because something went wrong due...
video press release

How to Create and Promote a Video Press Release

According to WordStream, 59% of executives are more likely to choose video if both text and video are presented on the same topic. Thinking about creating corporate video press release of your own? The article below will...

Promoting Your ICO? Tell Your Story with Video

With the recent surge in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) among blockchain cryptocurrency projects, setting yourself apart is becoming increasingly difficult. Combining the power of video with storytelling can elevate the message of your ICO so...
business events

Why Should Your Company Host Business Events?

More companies worldwide are beginning to recognize the importance of business events. Business event marketing can be an influential factor to a company's success. Furthermore, event managers are ready on the spot to create business...
event promo videos conversion rates

How to Unlock More Conversions with Your Event Promo Videos

Good event promo videos may not reach the highest number of views, but they make an impact on the viewers they do reach. However, you may find it difficult to convert views to customers with your...
event video ideas

34 Event Video Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Campaign

Video is a captivating medium. It can turn any marketing campaign into a conducive social endeavor. When it comes to promoting an event, event video is a must. Planning an event video but don't know where to go...