Facebook video marketing in 2016

Facebook Video Marketing in 2017: A Must for Your Business

Facebook video marketing in 2017 is a must for your business. If you want to up your business video marketing game, Facebook is the perfect video marketing platform to achieve this for plenty of...
social videos

The Top Ten Social Videos of 2016 from Your Favorite Social Networks

2016 was a legendary year for social videos. Not only have video-centric social apps like Snapchat and Periscope climbed in popularity, but almost every social network now has video viewing and sharing capabilities. Plus, social video...
facebook show

Facebook is Going to Launch Twenty “TV” Shows

Facebook has been actively investing in the popularization of video on its own platform for the last few years. But while live broadcasts and news videos are already typical content for this social network,...
b2b marketing

How to Use YouTube to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The most popular video sharing website in the world offers much more than just funny viral videos. 72% of B2B marketing experts use YouTube to share educational content with other businesses. Recently, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...
dude perfect christian

7 Video Marketing Lessons from Dude Perfect

If anyone has perfected the entertaining video, it is Dude Perfect. With over 15 million subscribers and each video eventually getting tens of millions of views, it's a good idea to study their YouTube...
social video

5 Creative Ideas for Video in Social Networks

All of us have repeatedly heard about the importance of social video. And right now, video accounts for 69% of all traffic and attracts viewers mainly through social networks. But is using video for social...
video marketing trends

Video Marketing Trends Dominate in Mary Meeker's Report

On June 1, something substantial happened in the video industry. Those of us who are interested in video marketing trends finally got a chance to check out Mary Meeker, the venture capitalist, and her firm...
iPhone 8 video

iPhone 8 Video Camera: What The Future of Mobile Video Looks Like

The iPhone 8 release date isn't until September 2017, but consumers everywhere are highly anticipating its arrival. Although we don't know all of the iPhone 8 video specs yet, some iPhone 8 camera rumors may reveal whether or...
YouTube subscribers

16 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers. We all want them. Learning how to get more subscribers on YouTube is essential for your business since YouTube is the top video website in the world, with over seven billion video...
donald trump news

Donald Trump’s Effect on Businesses: The Midas Touch or Kiss of Death?

No one would question the fact that Donald Trump has affected many facets of our lives. For better or worse, he is ours for the next four years. What remains to be seen is...