facebook live

The Dark Side of Facebook Live

n April 2016, Mark Zuckerberg launched free access to Facebook Live. Each user of the social network had the opportunity to broadcast their events, sharing important moments with friends. At least that's how the...

VidCon 2016: The Latest Trends in the Video Industry

It's that time of year again - the time of VidCon, the largest conference for those interested in the online video industry and the latest news in video marketing. As usual, VidCon didn't disappoint: there was...

Autoplay Is Not Going Away – Here’s How to Use It

Just this morning I was reading an interesting blog article at a popular news website, when a completely unrelated video started playing somewhere else on the blog. I scrolled around frantically until I could...
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21 Effective Video Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

What video marketing strategies have you tried? Technologies are becoming more perfected, consumers are now more curious, and marketing methods are more diverse. Now video is the most impactful and effective types of advertising...

Live Stream to Your Target Audience Before It’s Too Late

Live streaming: the next big trend. Live streaming today stands out from the past because now, anyone can live stream online. Social media live stream is available to individuals and businesses across the globe, including...
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11 Video Marketing Campaigns That Led to Insane Success

Many extraordinary video marketing campaigns have penetrated the internet during the past several years. Undoubtedly, video is a highly effective marketing tool for any business. With the right strategy, top video marketing campaigns can launch a business...
Facebook video marketing in 2016

Facebook Video Marketing in 2017: A Must for Your Business

Facebook video marketing in 2017 is a must for your business. If you want to up your business video marketing game, Facebook is the perfect video marketing platform to achieve this for plenty of...
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The Top Ten Social Videos of 2016 from Your Favorite Social Networks

2016 was a legendary year for social videos. Not only have video-centric social apps like Snapchat and Periscope climbed in popularity, but almost every social network now has video viewing and sharing capabilities. Plus, social video...
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Facebook is Going to Launch Twenty “TV” Shows

Facebook has been actively investing in the popularization of video on its own platform for the last few years. But while live broadcasts and news videos are already typical content for this social network,...
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How to Use YouTube to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The most popular video sharing website in the world offers much more than just funny viral videos. 72% of B2B marketing experts use YouTube to share educational content with other businesses. Recently, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...