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We are a global marketing and video production company that creates meaningful content designed to promote your business. We offer marketing and video production services at affordable prices and rapid rates, all because of our diverse international team and advanced automated technology. Event marketing and production is our specialty, which makes Valoso a leader in the industry.

Video Production

Work with a team of videographers to capture your event, live stream it and edit it.

Event Photography

Capture the best moments from your event with the help of our professional event photographers.

Event Marketing

Attract the right people to your event by developing a tailored event marketing campaign.

Our mission

Why Choose Valoso?

Valoso’s mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality video and photography services that help them stand out in the industry. Whether it’s video editing, event photography, or event marketing our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering creative, effective, and results-driven work. We strive to understand our client’s client’s unique needs and goals to deliver tailored solutions that help them achieve their objectives. We are passionate about creating visually impactful projects and effective marketing campaigns that make a real difference to our client’s businesses.


Industry-standard understanding of how to create and maintain and represent a powerful brand image for clients.


Solid understanding of video editing, photography, and marketing to bring creative ideas to life.


Passion to develop marketing campaigns video and photo projects that are aligned with the client’s overall goals.

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